About Us

Established by MOHD IKHWAN, Warkahsiber is truly your inspiring motivation centre.

     This journey is started by MOHD IKHWAN, a graduate from International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM) with a double degree in Economics and Islamic Study. Through the years, he had served under numbers consulting companies such as Vector Connection, Light House Consulting, AsasInsan Resources and Training, and Telaga Biru Training and Consultancy in empowering himself with all the necessary skills and experience. Along the way, he met numbers of outstanding people who became his mentors. Among his experience in training such as with PERODUA, UiTM, INTEC, UIAM, Ansell Malacca, and many more.

     He is a person of strong dedication and high commitment in what ever he does. Eventually, he realized his dream of operating his very own
                                                                    consultant, named as INSPIREZ Consultancy
                                                                   and Training. Everything was in steady progress,
                                                                   until he was called to meet The Ultimate Creator,
                                                                   Allah S.W.T. on a very blessed day of Maulidur
                                                                   Rasul 12 Rabiul Awal 1432 Hijrah (15 February
                                                                   2011). Al-Fatihah..

     Now, shouldering the vision and mission of his brother, MUHAMMAD IKHMAL embarks on this motivation journey as to continue this journey started by his brother. Though at a young age of 24 years old, but with God given talent, he has proven that it is not the number of your age, but the level of determination that counts and makes you great. He has conducted numerous of trainings  such as with UIAM, UiTM, INTEC, UMP and also school students of primary and secondary levels. He is currently a trainer at Rexcel Consultancy and Training and is open for motivational programme invitation.

He can be reached at:
E-mail: ikhmal@rexcel.com.my
Phone: 013-2368463 (09.00 am - 10.00 pm)
                                                                    GREAT things only come to GREAT people. 
                                                                    So, Hustle up and be GREAT!

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