Friday, 13 November 2009

Thought of the day # 4

We heard people complaints about their job stress, life and many other things. Today I'm going to share a story that may help resolve those issues.

"Life is like a cup of coffee"
-the original author of the story was unknown but highly appreciated.

A group of alumni get together to meet with their lecturer. The meeting turn out to be to sharing moment about their stress of work and life. The lecturer offered them coffee. He than went to the kitchen and return a while later with several cups which are, porcelain, plastic, crystal, and glass. He than offered them to help them selves with the coffee. Once all of them have their coffee, the lecturer said:

"Look, imagine that life is the coffee, and the work or job is the cup. It is natural that all of us want the best for ourselves. When you all help your selves with the coffee, you all took the best cup and leave behind the plain one. You even eying on each others' cup. But what you really want is the coffee not the cup. The cup does not even add quantity to the coffee. Its function just to contain the coffee. If life is the coffee, than the jobs and works is the cup. Their function is merely to contain life. So savor the coffee, not focusing on the cup. When we focus our mind on the stress of work, we will not enjoy the true taste of life. So, focus on the life it self and you would be grateful.
Live simply, care deeply."

think about it......


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