Tuesday, 27 April 2010

King of the hill

Assalamualaikum, may you all are in good health.

During our childhood time, some of us do play a game called king of the hill where everyone race to the top of the hill while knocking others down the hill. The winner is the one at the top of the hill. The winner will feel great being the winner while knocking others "dead", but other people will feel angry and demotivated.

The same principles applies in leadership, being an effective leader one will always try his/her best rather than knocking others down, he/she would pull all of them together to the top. Being on the top with many people is better than being on the top all alone.

An effective leader is a leader that concern on the value added on his subordinate rather than thirst for power alone. Through concern creates bonding and friendship that will lead to a blossom of respect to the leadership. Leadership is not merely positional authority but also include relational responsibility. A good leader not always at the top, some times he/she will go down and meet with his subordinate. As one of the principle in Toyota Production System known as Genji Gen Butsu which means go and see. Go and see how the subordinate to their work and provide advice or consultancy if need that will give value added to them.

So, yes we want to be at the top of the hill, but we want to be at the top with our people. If you are at the top all alone, meaning there are something wrong somewhere in your leadership journey.

Best regards,

source: John C. Maxwell - Leadership Gold


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