Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Training with Pharmaniaga Berhad

Assalamualaikum, may you all are in good health.

Recently, I've finished a program with Pharmaniga Berhad. It was phase three Training of Trainers for the company's newly appointed trainers. It was held at Kompleks PKNS, Bandar Baru Bangi. It was a three days program where participants will be put into test for their delivery skills and modules development. It was conducted by my senior trainer which is En. Noor Azmi who also has background in technical engineering.

Throughout the sessions, I could notice the improvement among the participants as compare to the previous sessions. The improve in terms of slides presentation which text and color tone, animation and graphic and videos. In terms of delivery they show high enthusiasms and confidence. It was amazing to see those people present their module. For your guys information, their module basically touch technical training and how to make it fun and interesting such as nebulizing, granulation, and many other terms which I never heard of before. At first it was quiet confusing but slowly I could at least understand some of the points in the presentation. It was fun to learn some new things.

There is another phase, which is phase four that is going to held on month of Mei. Can't wait for the next session. For more imformation on this company, you guys may log on to http//:www.pharmaniaga.com

That's it for now, will update on latest development soon...
Thank you for spending your time browsing my blog. Hope you learn something.

Take care and bye.


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