Thursday, 19 August 2010

If you believe strong may come true


There was a story about an old lady who have a dream. A dream that she holds for so many many years. A dream that for some people seem impossible for her to achieve given her age and appearance. But, we may be surprise on how God makes things work mysteriously. Each and every one is given a unique talent for he/she could make the best out of it. But, what inspire me the most about this old lady, despite all the critics and disbelieve people throw at her, deep down inside she knows, she has what it takes to take up the challenge. She strongly believe in her self...and eventually she shock the whole crowd with an awe....

So, guys, I know we all have our own dreams, but how many of us really believe in our dreams that will eventually makes it into reality. Through believing in our dreams, we can push our self forward to take the next steps to victory. Dreams create ambitions, and ambitions create efforts which will lead to triumph and victory. Here's the secret of being success:
Dream + Ambition + Effort = Success & Victory

Live your dream for it is your true destiny.

11.13 am


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