Sunday, 2 January 2011



I pray that you guys are in best of your health and stay motivated always.

Last night, as I was busy preparing slides for my training program which is scheduled in two weeks, I came across this one video which I recently downloaded from YouTube. The title is why we do what we do? It was delivered by Anthony Robbins.

Here are few things that I manage to capture:
1.       When we do something, there is a motive behind it whether we realize it or not. That motive is guided with your emotional intelligence. The emotion is the ultimate driving force. Emotion gives meaning to what we do. It creates satisfaction or despair. Your state of emotion the invisible force that shape you. Hence, by understanding the state of human emotion will help make the different in the quality of your life. It helps you to understand the human needs. These needs are the major focus in shaping your model of the world.
1)      Certainty
2)      Uncertainty (Variety)
3)      Significant
4)      Connection & love
5)      Grow
6)      Contribute beyond ourselves

2.       When we have target, we have a destiny or destination to arrive at. The decision that we make will shape your destiny. When ever your are facing any situation in your life that require you to make decision, ask your self this three question:
1)      What am I going to focus on? – Your target
2)      What does it means? – Your emotional state
3)      What am I going to do? – Your action
The way you respond to these 3 questions will shape your destiny in the future. When, I finished my study, I’m determined that I’m going to be a motivational speaker (my target) because I want to inspire people to contribute beyond themselves (my emotional state). Hence, I joined few consulting company to gain knowledge and experience in training industry (my action). So far, I’ve involved in training for numbers of corporate organization and industry such as PERODUA (M), Ansell Melaka Sdn. Bhd., and also local educational institution such as Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM), and more. Thus, the way I make decision have change my path of life and shape my future.

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