Thursday, 20 October 2011

Watch your “Buts”

     Assalamualaikum..Words do have powerful influence in our talk. As we are more concern with our physical presentation, our diction is to be watched too. Words can have powerful effects. Choosing the wrong or inaccurate words will affect the subsequent events. As words are so powerful, today, we would like to share with you guys one of the hundred powerful words that you have to watch in your talk. 
     The word of the day is “But”. “But” is a very powerful negative word. To see its effect, let’s take a look at these examples:
  1. “I will make the product cheaper for you, but..”
  2. “Thank you for coming to the interview. You have many of the criteria, but…”
         See the effect? Each time you hear a “but”, expect that what’s coming next is going to take away from what went before. That’s the power of “but”. It has the effect of putting your audience in negative state. As the result, of all your efforts, your audience will only heed the negative points instead of all your positive points. 

         Let’s us illustrate for better clarification. In the first example, you are not going to make a sale with a sentence like that because the client is expecting something different from your earlier deal. The result? The deal is OFF! The same thing when you hear comments with “but”. Of all the praises, you know something has gone wrong when “but” comes in.
         So guys, watch your “buts”. Be careful with what you say when you are selling or conversing. Use “but” and your client is going to hear it as negative. “Buts” may undo all your efforts. All the best, guys!

    Huslte up and Be GREAT!
    Salam transformasi daripada,


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