Wednesday, 21 October 2009

How to be a good trainer?


H : Honesty

Being a trainer, the important thing is honesty. One needs to be honest not just to him or her self, but also to others in general. Through honesty one can create trust among others.

O : Open

A trainer needs to have an open attitude which means open to others. Make your self approachable by others who want to seek your advice and consultation. Do not create barrios between your self and others.

N : Neutral

A trainer needs to be neutral. He or she must not bias to certain group or particular people. His or her ideas must be for the benefit of the society as a whole not for any personal interest. Biasness will create block which will create chaos in the management of the society.

E : Enthusiasm

A trainer must enjoy what he or she is doing as it will create confidant in one self. Through confident it will create enthusiasm to work. He of she is willing to work regardless of the challenges that he or she has to face.

S : Strength

Being a trainer one needs to have strength in three main aspects namely: physical strength, mental strength, and emotional strength.

T : Team work

The last important virtue is team work. Through team work people can achieve the impossibility. It creates bonding and mutual respect among others.


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