Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How to get people motivated?

Assalamualaikum, may you all are in good health and blessed by Allah always.

People always keep asking, how to improve the productivity of the company, how to increase the workers efficiency? How can I produce great result without making others going insane about it? The answer is you have to get them motivated in doing their jobs.

A leadership is an art of making others do something that you want it to be done because they want to do it.

Now, the problem is how to get them motivated?

Here a simple solution to it, get INSPIRED! The key to get them motivated is to get them inspired. Through inspiration, it will motivate them to work better and consequently increase the productivity. Now, the next question, what does INSPIRED means? Is it possible?
The word INSPIRED comprises of 6 elements:

  1. INTENTION(IN): you have to know where to begins, motivation comes from within. You can not force it upon someone. It has to comes from his/her own self. That the first thing that you have to mind set. Everything begin with the intention.
  2. STRENGTH(S): knows your own strength. Identify what area you are good at and improve it to be great. Focus on your strength not on your weaknesses. Develop it gradually from good to be great.
  3. POSITIVE(P): exercise positive reinforcement. Use positive force in daily works. This will help to stimulate them to increase their performance. It is a powerful tools to stimulate human performance. Such as show your appreciation and gratitude, like the word thank you, and sometimes praise; you look good today. People tend to neglect this though they know that this is important.
  4. REWARD(RE): deliver you reward. Give reward to your workers as a sign of appreciation for their efforts. Rewards is a powerful tools to make people to strive their best in their works. As the saying goes "you get what you reward". Workers tend to work better if their employee give them reward as this indicate that their efforts are not in waste. The reward could be in various form either monetary or material object. Your choice.
  5. DOA AND TAWAKKAL(D): At the last effort, we make doa or prayer to The Almighty Allah, may He open their hearts to be motivated. As He is the Ruler of all things in this world and hereafter, He is the all knowing. Doa also is important as in could bring spiritual and emotional balance in human life. It creates spiritual tranquility in human life.
So, to answer the question, how to get others motivated, just get INSPIRED!
Is it possible? YOU TELL ME!


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