Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What leadership is all about?

People sometimes ask, how to be a good leader? or what exactly leadership is all about? or even how to be a good leader?. For me the answer is simple. Leadership is all about CONFIDENT. Being a leader, one need to has a confidence in one self without which one can not successfully lead others. Through confident its create enthusiasm and determination to work and eventually build respect from others. When you are confident with your self, people will listen to your message even though it is complicated. Compare to when you are not confident with your self, you can not convey the message effectively though how simple it is. Confident create trust and improve ones' credibility.

Knowing that, a person also has know what are the virtues of a good leader. For me, the virtues are CONFIDENT.

C : confident

O : open minded

N : neutral

F : focus- mission and vision

I : independent-self reliable

D : determination-strong courage

EN : enthusiasm –high spirit

T : tolerance

p/s: all of these are base on my personal experience and knowledge. One may agree or disagree. I'm looking forward to hear any comment or suggestion.



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