Monday, 2 November 2009

A piece of advice

We occasionally take several thing for granted without knowing the prior importance of that particular thing.

There are two things that we always take it for granted and never pay good intention to it. Those things namely communication and punctuality. People always ignore the importance of good communication with others. Through good communication we can build good relationship with others and creating a conducive living environment. Communication is a bridge the connect ourselves to others. If we burn down that bridge, how are we going to connect with others effectively and efficiently?

Punctuality is another thing that we normally take for granted. We always assume that others will wait for us. We never consider those people feeling. But what if we are the one in their place, what would we feel? Punctuality signifies our commitment and sense of responsibility towards certain matters. If we ignore the element of punctuality, it simple shows that we are not committed and responsible enough to that thing.

So my friends, let us change our attitude. Let improve what is good and left behind what is bad. May we be among those who will succeed and prosper insyaallah.

A person once told me:
"betulkan kebiasaan itu, dan biasakan yang betul itu"


p/s: thank you madam martinelli for your inspirational advice, I will remember it always.


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