Saturday, 8 May 2010

Who like to be criticize?

Assalamualaikum and good day to all of you.
May you all are in best of health and blessed always by Allah insyaallah.

People by nature love to criticize others. Don't you agree? Even in our daily routine we frequently criticize other people whether we realize it or not. But on the other hand, we do not like others to criticize us, right? Why is that? We should realize that in our life there i this simple concept of what you give you get. If you criticize others, than you should be ready to be criticize by others. Being a leader, it is a must for you to be criticize. Why? because when you become a leader, you are the centre of attraction. Everybody focuses on you. There will be things that some people might agree but nevertheless, there are some who do not agree and even criticize you. Consequently, it will train you to become a successful leader. So, from now on, let change our mind setting. Don't be afraid of critics, rather accept it and respond to it rationally and maturely.

The question now is, how to handle the criticism? There 4 simple steps on how to handle criticism:

  • 1) Know yourself (The issue of reality issue)
Have a realistic view of your self.
Do not take the critics personally because normally people criticized on the
position of the leader not the leader him self.

  • Change you self (The issue of responsibility)
You need to change your self to a better you.
How to know whether the critics is destructive or constructive?
Who criticized me?
How was the criticism given?
Why it was given?
  • Accept your self ( The issue of maturity)
Learn to accept who you are
The easiest thing to be in the world is you and the hardest thing to be is what others want
you to be - Professor Leo Buscaglia.
But don't just be the ordinary you, be the best you can be - know your strength and
develop it.
  • Forget about you ( The issue of security)
Stop focusing on your self, focus on others than you can face any kind of criticism.
Do not be defensive.

Hence by doing so we can face any criticism effectively. Before I end this post, here is some quote I would greatly share with you:
"Being who you really are is the first step in becoming better than you are now"

Thank you and best regards,

Source: John C. Maxwell - Leadership Gold


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