Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The best quotation

Assalamualaikum, hope you guys are all in best of your health and blessed always by Allah insyaallah.

Look at the picture above, and try to identify what is the common things between the two of them? Besides being the most wanted by all girls on earth.
Well, the answer is simple, they do at what they good at which is acting and singing.
So, the next question is, what are you good at?
Have you ever try to think, what are your potential talent?

Why this important? by knowing your potential talent, you will be able to know where to start. It is important for us to decided where to begin as this will determine what is the ending. Than, the next step is for you to start to explore these potentials talent and develop it continuously.

Still, that is not the end of the story yet, by knowing you potential talent alone is not enough, you must have a clear vision on what do you want to do in order to make those potential talent comes into reality. So, once you know you talents, the next step is to start visualize where do you see your self in the future. How can you benefited from your talent? By having vision in life you can plan you life accordingly. Your life will be more organized. The next question is, how to get that vision? Simple start dreaming!

That why, by having good talent alone is not enough, you need to have vision in order to make those talent become into reality. That's the true key to success.

"To be successful, it is how good you are, how good you want to be"

Best Regards,


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