Thursday, 21 October 2010

How to get from you are to where you want to be?

Hey guys, assalamualaikum and hope you all doing great and stay motivated always.

Have you wonder or asked your self, how can I get from where I am now to where I want to be? and so far have you come across with a satisfied answer?If yes than that a good thing meaning that you have a clear guide on your life journey. But, if no, than I think this might be of some help to you.

People always wanted the best for them selves be it in terms of monetary, position and authority, happy life and many more. But so far have we manage to guide ourselves to achieve that target? So, what should we do now?

Firstly, you should determine what are your goals in life. What do you really want to achieve in life? There might be a lot of things that you want in your life, here's a hint, prioritize! Choose which is important and list those down. Than setup a time line. How many years it took for you to accomplished those goals? This will give you a general idea on how to manage your life more systematic plus its helps in your time management. I personally have listed down what I want to achieve in my life and how many years it will take. This will help me to manage my life easier. I even make it as my screen server on my laptop just so that I would not forget it!

Secondly, get your gears ready and hit the road. Now that you have your vision in life, the next thing to do is to pack your gears and equipment a.k.a your resources. What are the resources that you personally have that could assist you in accomplishing those goals? For example your friends, colleagues, assets or anything that are deemed relevant. Identify those resources and capitalized them. Capitalized what you have! Save money, time and energy. For example, initially I have a car and I capitalize that car to the max in order to achieve what I intended. Neat huh?

Thirdly, get your mind ready. Once you have your mission set, packed up all gears and equipment, the most important thing is to get your mind ready a.k.a mind setting. Why does it important? Though you might have the best resources but if you do not have the right mind setting, things will just fall apart. Believe me. So what should you do? Knowing that you have a mission to accomplish, you have to built up confidence in you. Believe in your self! No matter what you do, if you sincerely believe in your self, regardless how tough the challenges are (they are!), you can overcome it. If you do not have faith in your self, do not expect others to have faith in you. So, believe in your self. You know your self better regardless what others might said about you. You are the only one who can shape your future. I some times doubt my self either, could I really accomplished this? Yeah, human, we sometimes become doubtful of our selves, funny isn't it? But I than remember, if this is what I really want in my life, than I and only I who can determine whether I could accomplished it or not. I was planning to setup up a company, given the current economic situation, it quiet bothering me, but I know this is my passion and I'm the only one who can determine my life. I believe in my self.

Remember guys, every step you took bring you closer to making your vision into reality. So, what are you waiting for? an invitation? START MAKING YOUR OWN JOURNEY NOW!!!


Best regards,
5.18 pm


Anonymous said...

Salam akhi kalau nak ramai orang bagi komen kat sini post artikel dekat FB :)

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