Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Assalamualaikum, I pray that you all are in great of health and happy always.

Well, its has been a while since I last updated my blog given few things happened. But that all are history now. Let just focus to the future lads!

Life is all about the choices that we made. What ever happen to us be it few seconds ago, or few minutes ago, or even few days ago, that were all based on the choices that we made. Nothing just happen without a cause to it. If we look back into our past life, how many choices have we made that eventually bring good or positive impacts on our selves? and how many choices have we made that negatively impact our life? Sometimes, being a human we tend to take things for granted without giving it a prior thought about it, which in the future may give a significant impact on our lives. The key point here is that, always try to think far. Don't just struggling for the current pleasure at the expense of the future happiness. In making any decision in your life think far, think big. Why? so that you will have the big picture of the overall consequences of your choice and it will helps you to make a wise decision.

The choices that we make determine who we will become. Our choices come from our mind setting or thinking pattern. The better they are, the better your choices are. So a sound mind is crucial in making a proper decision. That why never force your self to make any decision in the state of stress or pressure as those inspirations are the product of your anger and pressure. You will just bring more harm to your self. Bill Tracy once wrote in his book, Change your book. Change your life: "a person becomes most of the time into what he or she always thinking about"

Knowing that, always remind your self, don't take it easy on everything that you have to do. Think first act later. Let you action follow your thinking not the other way around. Think with your heart and soul through guidance of wisdom.

After all, Your life life is your choice, so make the best of it!


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