Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A worthy advice

Assalamualaikum, hope you guys a doing great and motivated always.

In order for person to be successful in their life, you should have someone that help to guide you and lead you to the right path. Most people don't realize this. They assume that they know how to do it and they personally can manage all those matters on their own which is of course easier said than done. A baby cannot walk on his own at first if no one there to hold his hand. There must be a person that help you, guide you along the way. Than only you can achieve success be it your brother, or your sister, or your parents, or even your fellow colleague.

One evening when I was discussing with my senior trainer on certain matters which was mostly related to my self (personal problems), I shared with him few concerns and problems hoping he would shade me some light into this darkness. During that time, he did advised me saying " a secret of success is that you need to *have a mentor in your life. He/she helps to guides you, facilitates you and gives some ideas that would be significantly beneficial for you. A mentor should be a person who is more elderly than your self because the see things that you hyave yet to understand and manage to comprehend. Their views is more comprehensive while ours are just straight forward. This is of course due to their experience and expertise. By having a mentor, you can consult with him/her, discuss with him/her, which eventually making your self more aware and open to various new things.

Later on he added " Besides having a mentor that you can refer to, you need to *have a book than can becomes so called your guidance and reference throughout your life. A book that can gives a significant impact to your life. You would carry it around regardless whether you are going to read it or not. It becomes your source of reference if difficulties be fall on to you, it also becomes source of motivation when you are down and low spirit. It shows that you have something that you hold on to in your life."

That advice really struck me head on. It really opened up my mind and I started to see things more clearer and I now know what I have to do. For you guys info, my personal reference book is 'Leadership Gold' written by John C. Maxwell. I feel this book really close to my heart and so far it has really helped me a lot. I did bought this book few month ago and it was really worth it. Of course there are a lot of other books out there, just choose a book you feel really close to your heart.

Best Regards
11.25 PM

Credit to Mr. M.K. Fuad (AsasInsan Resources & Training)


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