Sunday, 10 October 2010

Career Advancement

Assalamualiakum and I wish you all in your best of your health and cheerful always.

Having a career is important for our ‘survival’ in this world regardless of position or post that we hold or offered. A career provide us with the opportunity to support us well being and maintain the continuity of our life in this world (in other word, work gives money). A sustainable career is something that is vital for a person to actually improve his living condition.

Have you ever ask your self, why do I work? And if so have been able to come up with a constructive answer so far? One thing that learned throughout my previous experience is that one of the tips for a person to excel and achieve success in his career is for him/her to first understand why does he/she need to work in the first place? Is it for the money? Is it for the power and authority? Is it for title and position? Is for network and socializing? Or is it just merely you desires and passion?

Yes working is important as I have highlighted above, but what differentiate between a man’s work and a machine’s work is that a man knows what he is doing and also why he is doing it. A machine is just a mechanical tools programme to do certain things without prior emotional attachment. If you just do you job without knowing the rational explanation behind it than you are no different than the machine. Your work may be superb and perfect but how far do you really indulge the excitement of completing the job. Besides that, by knowing why you do such things it gives you a purpose in your job. It helps you to understand the important of actually completing the job efficiently and productively.

In addition, by question this to your self, it helps you to build up your perspective of your job consistently. One of the major fatalities why many people fail in their career at the early stage is because they have not yet develop their perspective or mind setting fully. It is normal for us to be excited to get a job, but if this situation is not guided with proper perspective, your thinking will be block by you excitement (over excitement) and eventually discourage your performance. By having a clear perspective of your action, you will know what to do, how to do it and hoe to improvise it. Moreover, having a clear perspective of your career and life it helps to accelerate your learning process rapidly and making your self more matured. In today’s world, do not expect to be spoon feed by others, you need to have your initiative in exploring and understanding all things and of course all these can be develop if you are able to build up a clear perspective of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Practical tips:

Know what you are doing & why you are doing it

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