Tuesday, 5 October 2010

LOP syndrome..be alert!

Assalamualaikum and a very great day to all of you guys. Hope you guys are having such a great moment.

Have you ever face a situation where you think you have done good enough but in fact your action is just a small piece of what you really have to do given all the time that is allocated?

If yes, than you are having a syndrome that I termed as "lack of perspective"/(LOP) syndrome. The obvious sign of this syndrome is that you suddenly have no clue on what on earth is going on around you and yet you have struggled hard. Given this condition, here are few methods that you can apply in order to diagnose the problem:
  1. Dose A: Self Realization - try understand your self first. Who are you? The best way to handle criticism is for you to personally understand you true self(personality). Than you will be more appreciative of your self and most importantly be sincere with your self. We normally pretend that we know ourselves but in reality we know nothing of it. One easy way to do it is by using a method that I called "Self Realization Diagram (SRD)". Draw a 4 quadrants; 1st quadrant (what are the potentials of your self that you know?), 2nd quadrant (what are the potentials of your self that people see in you?), 3rd quadrant (what do want to change about your self) and 4th quadrant (what others want you to change about your self?). The rational is that this will give you the big picture of YOU. In addition, it also helps to discover the potentials that others see but not noticed by you and of course all the treads and shortcoming that you can fix immediately.
  2. Dose B: Personality synchronization - when you know who you are, than only you can easily linked it with your jobs and responsibilities. Problem normally occurs when you feel that your job does not fit for you and start to blame others in case of any errors. By knowing your self it will help to perform in your work more effectively and of course most importantly more productive. You know your capacities and you know that these given capacities will be able to help you to excel in your job regardless of any obstacles or challenges. But remember, this does not happen overnight, it requires lot of efforts and sacrifices. Do not give up easily as many people might do. Stay on the course and you will meet with your destiny.
To have a successful career, you need to have the right perspective of what you are doing and how it will consequently effect others. Do not just see thing from one angle only, always try to view from different direction. This will help to give you a bigger and more constructive perspective that is essential in you working journey. Working is a journey, if you fell like you are lost, always refer back to your compass and follow the accurate direction. If necessary, asked others for assistant if the problem is prolong.

Best Regards,
05th September 2010
3.45 pm


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