Thursday, 30 September 2010

Business success

Assalamualaikum and a very great day to all of you guys out there. Thank you for those who have been visiting my blog. Hopefully you guys could benefited something from it.

Business sector is one of the major contributor to the growth of the nation world wide. Through business millions of dollars generated and traded across the globe. One interesting fact about business is that it constitute low tax rate compare to other sector such as government or professionals. So no wonder business person enjoy a luxurious life! They can have all the money to them selves and no one can blame them for it. Robert Kyosaki once did mention in his lecture that another important subject that should be taught at schools beside algebra(I added) is financial education. We have been indoctrinated that went we grew up we want to be a doctor, a lawyer and so on. But being in professional arena is a tough fight. On the contrary, being in business is much more flexible and dynamic and of course you are subject to a lower tax rate, isn't that good! So in order to successfully survive in this world, parents you should take note this, you(your sons and daughters) need to be equipped with sufficient financial education. They should be taught not to just save only but to also invest their money. That the only way you can generate a high return.

Tough business seems flexible and dynamic, it does not means that it just a piece of cake. It's far from that. Business is all about who you are. The business reflect the personality of the business owner. Why? because if the business is successful, it simply shows that the owner is a charismatic and successful leader. The business reflect your passion, your commitment, and your sincerity. Many business went down mostly because they are sincere with their business. Sincere in the sense that they setup their business just for the sake of profit. Yes, in business you want to make a profit, but there still more to that.

Here are few tips on how to manage your business properly:

  1. Sincere with your business than your business will expand rapidly.
  2. Mindful in operating your business(open minded)
  3. Acknowledge & Appreciate those who contributed to your company's establishment.
  4. Revise your plan and strategy periodically- do not make your business predictable.
  5. Timely - do not rush in business. Plan your way accordingly and step forward one at a time but at a fast phase. Ensure that the business move smoothly and do not push it. Let it follow the market flow and of course with the direction from the captain of the ship.
Doing business is a good alternative choice given the right guidance and sense of direction. So do not be afraid of the wide ocean, seek the thrill and adventurous experience of a life time. But remember to pack sufficient tools and equipment. Yes business involve risk, but it also promise a huge return for those who sincerely seek it.

I wish you all best of luck in your business endeavor, and remember be a SMART businessman!

Best Regards,
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