Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Leadership -part 2

Assalamualaikum and a very great day to all of you. A great day begin with a great start. So start your day with a great mission.

Leader is a person who people really look up for right? He/ she is a person with charisma, confidence and high enthusiasm. We always heard people said 'not everybody is a born leader' but we seldom heard people saying 'but, anybody can be a leader'. Hence, leadership is not a position that is entitle for inheritance, rather it is a value that can be develop inside of anybody given all the support and guidance that person can get. If the father is a charismatic leader, not necessarily his son would follow his footsteps. In this would there can only be one you, others may follow your footsteps but than can never be exactly like your self. That why human being are uniquely created by God. Each one is uniquely different from others. So remember, leadership is not a title or position rather it is more of a value that can be develop in anyone given the right direction.

Wanting to be a leader alone is not enough, you have to put a lot of efforts and struggle for that what makes a leader different from others. Being a leader one should inculcate several significant values which build the charismatic character of a good leader. Here are some values(qualities) which could be off some help for you:

  1. Supportive - be supportive toward your subordinate
  2. Mindful - be open minded and concern with other people's opinions and judgments.
  3. Adaptable - be flexible toward your environment and condition(situation).
  4. Rational - don't rush into making decision before considering all the significant factors.
  5. Trustworthy - a good relationship is base on trust without which it cannot hold strong.
So, whenever people ask me how to be a leader, my answer is simple be a SMART leader! Only a SMART leader can bring success, only a SMART leader can triumph over any obstacles, only a SMART leader can lead others towards victory.

Don't be just a leader, be a SMART leader!

Best Regards,
11.15 pm


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