Monday, 27 September 2010

Build for success

Assalamualaikum, hope you guys are enjoying a great day as I did.

It is natural for a human being to be inquisitive about everything. It's what makes us different than other creation of Allah and gives excitement and enjoyment in our life. So, one of the secret of success is always be inquisitive but don't over do it because it would be annoying for others.

It is a dream for everybody to be successful in their life right? But the question is how? you may find lot and lot of skills and techniques that one can learn in order to be successful, but what I'm sharing here with you guys is just a simple (its really is) yet practical tips for you to be successful in your life. You might find these tips sound familiar and common but that where we normally take it for granted. Good results may come in common packages.

  1. Be appreciative of others. We like people to help us even some might even order others to help them, still how many of us really show sign of appreciation to those who have help us? The least we could do is to say 'thank you'. Be appreciative of any effort shown by people around us regardless how insignificant it might seems. Don't base your judgment on the result or the outcome per say rather focus on the effort that the person had put into in order to complete the task.
  2. Be sincere with your self. Sincerity is the key to establish a good and long lasting relationship be it with your spouse or with your friends or any person in that matter. Without it there would be no strong bond that bind the relationship all together. If you are sincere with your self, people will be sincere to you. One easy way is when you wake up in the morning firstly go to the mirror and see your reflection without putting any makeup on. Than you will see your true self and appreciate your self for it.
  3. Always change your pattern. Our daily life actually follow a specific pattern whether we realize it or not. A pattern that we created base on various factors such as environment, social, culture and many more. But the bottom line is that there is a pattern! A successful people always strive to diversify their pattern of life. Don't just be stagnant or static. Make changes in your life. Always try something new everyday. Don't let your life be predictable. Put some excitement and thrill into it. One easy way to do it is that always try a different route when you are going to your office. This will give you a new experience and exposure and psychologically influence your performance in the office.
So, these are few tips that I would like to share with you guys hopefully might be beneficial for you guys in your daily life. But always remember, success don't just easily roll down the hill. YOU HAVE TO PUT SOME EFFORT AND WITH STRONG COMMITMENT AND PASSION, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Best Regards,
27 September 2010
2.38 pm


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