Friday, 24 September 2010

You and me, what went wrong?

Assalamualaikum, hope you guys are having a great time as always.

Suddenly I feel an urge to wrote on relationship though I'm the real expert in this matter. Well, sharing is a good thing even how small it is.

Anyway, nobody can deny that they can not run from being in a relationship. We need a companion in order to make life far more interesting and fun. Human are made for each other, to benefited each other and to bond with each other. But, some times we heard people complaining about their trouble relationship such as cannot come to mutual agreement between both parties. So here are some tips that I would like to share with you guys out there hopefully might shade some light into your problems.

  1. Guys, the basic rule when you are dealing with a women, remember that they actually want someone to listen to them, someone that they can give a shoulder to cry on. So, guys be more empathetic towards them. Show that you care and concern about their problems. Be a good listener. Don't try to solve the problems if you are not confidence. It would make thing worst than ever. In other words, be sensitive towards them.
  2. When you are talking with them, try not to make it all about your selves. Always try to be inquisitive about your partner. Point out some general question but some how related to her self. AVOID ASKING ANY PERSONAL QUESTION!. Don't rush to quickly take it step by step.
  3. Watch your language either verbally or non-verbally. Our body tend to give different meaning or connotation compare to verbal language. But at the same time, be aware of your partner body language. An interesting technique that you can use is that try to imitate your partner body language but don't make it to obvious. This is called 'mirroring' technique.
  4. Always offer good words and praise for any achievement that she shared with you. But don't try too much because it might seem like you are being sarcastic. This is the vital thing that you have to avoid in a relationship.
  5. Whenever she shared something that as if make her seems bad or low, try to be at par with her, meaning that try to related it to your past experience that some how related to the story that she shared. For example, if she says that she can't cook, normally people would say, than you should learn to cook. If you give that answer, than that it man, you are off the deal. People naturally do not like to be told what to do more less if it is something that is so obvious. So, in this case, an appropriate respond should be: I also try to cook but man! it does not as easy as it sound. That way it makes her feel that you truly understand her position and not being biases.
  6. Lastly, the key that bond a two heart together forever and after is sincerity and honesty. We heard people talk a lot about this but do we really understand what does it really means? Sincerity here implies that you should be sincere and honest first to your self. No one knows you better than your self. When you are sincere with your self, it will create a positive aura that will influence people around you. When you are honest with your self, people will be honest to you. There is a saying that mention: The easiest thing is to be your self and the hardest thing is to be what people expect you to be. Don't be your ordinary self, be the best of your self.
So, these are some tips that I 'pick up a long the way' and gladly shared with you guys hopefully might be helpful.

Best Regards,
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gadisBunga said...

ah, nice entry. :D

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