Sunday, 21 November 2010

Pick of the week

Hey guys, how are you doing? hope having a great time. This week my pick of the week is John C. Maxwell master piece Leadership Gold. The must have book for those who wanted to an extra ordinary leader. Live by example-Rule 21: The Picture rule (The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership).


Mohd Izzudin Mohd Faudzi said...

Bro. Ikhwan, thanx for the suggestion, it is obviously one of the meaningful books, from the thoughtful author in this world.

1. It seems that many people pretend to know the skills needed to lead others but they are actually not have it.

2. Even if they know, they cannot apply it because of lack in understanding about leadership.

3. Leadership needs a correctly understanding and practice, by that only, then the success emerged.

4. Keep it up to achieve your victory.

::nurulQamar8six:: said...

well no koment....

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