Monday, 29 November 2010

What did you learn today?


Hey guys, hope you re having a great time as I did . Well, whether we realize it or not, our time on this world are predetermined or in other word limited. Hence, let make the best of our time that we have as we will not regret it in the future.

During my time serving under my previous company, I learned one important lesson that i would like to share it with you guys as it has been so beneficial in my life.

My supervisor came to me one day and we had a chat. We talk about his experience in the business mostly and few other things as well. As we talk, he than shared with me a tip that he learned from his senior supervisor where he thinks that it might be of some help in boosting my performance.

He said, " don't you ever go to sleep without recalling back so far what have you learn today? What is the new that you learned today? I asked him , "why should I do that?" "Well.." he replied " you know that our life is the best gift that we could ever afford. Hence, as a sign of our appreciation of that gift, how far have we benefit our life in terms of inquiring knowledge, help others, and more. Thus, when we recall back on our past experience, it helps us to see and understand the value of life. Besides, it makes us feel that today we have make good use of our gift at least for the benefit of our self. Plus, it helps us to sleep better that day. Believe me!

Anyway, the key point here is that, some times we are to keen on the future ambition without realizing so far how much have we improved. Yes it is good to has ambition, but don't ignore your present achievement. It will make you appreciate you life much more. Appreciate for who you are and you will enjoy your life more that you could ever imagine. Self acceptance is the milestone for self improvement.

Best Regards,
29 November 2010
2.12 pm


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