Sunday, 5 December 2010

Seek first to understand than to be understood.


Hey guys, been a while though after my last update. Anyway, hope you guys are doing well.

Have you ever feel depress? Do you like such feeling? Of course only an idiot would say yes! Nobody like to feel depress. It just makes us feel unhappy and unsatisfied with everything. Imagine going to work or school clocking under depression. For sure nothing good could come out from that day. But, can we avoid such feeling? The answer is no. It's there. The only solution to accept as it is and manage it well.

First, we should understand the problem beforehand. Why are we depress in the first place? There are many factors affecting depression such as family problems, financial problems, relationship problems, just to list a few. But, most of the time, the common factor that cause depression is people do not understand each other. How so? For example, as a parent we expect our children to actually perform well in their study a.k.a academic matters, that why parents sent them to tuition, private tutors and more. But, how many parents actually take a time to sit together with their children and view their home works. Few I guest. Parents want their children to perform to their expectation, but how far do they really understand the situation of their children. Take a time, sit with your children, explore what are their interests? what are their talents? Plus, this will help to strengthen the family bonding. Always make your family hour. You'll be surprise how far the effect goes. The same thing goes with the children.

From employer's perspective, we always wanted our people to perform at their best. Of course beside it'll bring more money to the company, it'll help to sustain the company's performance. The best working environment is that when people do thing out of their passion and sincerity, but the question is how? Well, John Maxwell, did wrote in his Leadership Gold, people will perform at their best when they do things that they love. Their jobs become their hobby. Yes it is quite difficult to actually sort them according to what they love. So, on the contrary, why not making them love what they are currently doing. How? take a time to actually listen and observe. Many of us are hearing, but few are actually listening. Listening means you hear, contemplate and respond. The way you respond to certain things determine the output. Through listening and observing, you will understand how your employee do their works and how you could help them to improve their performance. Understand between employer and employee is the key to the progressive performance of any companies.

Understanding is something that is to be earned not something to be demanded for. For you to expect people to actually understood your self, take the initiative to understand them first. Remember to listen, listen, listen and observe.



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