Monday, 27 December 2010

As I stood by the window


hey guys, how are you doing? hope you all are feeling great today. Me? I'm just fantastic.

When I come across this picture, it some how distract my attention. There is something about this picture that really spark my interest. One of the reasons I guest because, it some how reflect my inner feeling. 

Be as it may, what I can actually describe from this picture is that it is about a child who is standing behind a window, looking outside. Waiting and wondering, when will the time come. Will I'm be ready for it? Will I do it as what others expected it? The child could just stay in the comfort of his/her house yet that does not satisfy him/her enough. There are things that he/she really wanted to explore and discover, things that are beyond the sanctuary of his/her house. Something....just something that he/she really dreams about.

Whether we realize it or not, most of us are waiting for the right time to actually so called proof our self. Yes, it is good to actually show what you can really do, but the question, can you tell when the time will come? Will it be tomorrow? Will it be the day after? Will it be 3 days from now? or would it even be yesterday?  No you can't. That is the mistake most employees made. They just wait for the right time. Than, what about the current time? shouldn't they do something about it?. 

My advice to all people out there is this, whenever an opportunity present itself in front of you, grab it while you can. Don't just wait for the right time. Take immediate action. But, yes after rational consideration. Don't get to ambitious, think through and make a wise decision. Don't take too long. These kind of stuffs do not hold on for long. Opportunity is of two kinds:
  1. Natural opportunity - things that happen out of your control such as lucky draw, 
  2. Created opportunity- things that happen within your control such as a promotion, a raise.
Most people do not clearly understand this, sometimes, we can actually created our own opportunity. It is just a matter of how committed and passionate we are in what we a re doing. Don't just wait, put your utmost effort in what ever you are doing. Get things on the way as you move along. This is what is called being proactive as captured in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
  • 1st Habit - Be Proactive
Therefore, don't just wait for the opportunity to actually present present it self in front of you, take charge of your life or in order words, BE PROACTIVE. What ever it is always remember as I always said, YOUR LIFE IS YOUR CHOICE, MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Best Regards,
10.40 PM


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