Sunday, 26 December 2010

Start right, start bright!

Assalamualaikum and Good day,

Hope you guys are doing great. I’m just grateful as usual for being able to share something that might be of some help to people out there.

I’ve been working for about a year now. At first, I never thought that I would end up in this field which of course has been beneficial to my self. I could still remember, as I started my first year at the local university (IIUM to be precise), my ambition was (at that time) to be an Islamic Financial Consultant. Pretty awesome huh! Anyway, being in a working environment is far beyond what I expected back when I was in campus. It was a whole new world spatially for the fresh grads like my self (at that point of time). Driven with strong determination and passion, I applied for job as a Consultant at this one outstanding corporate consulting company. I could still recall during my interview time. It was mind blowing and also a bit stressful. I was asked to present about any topic of my choice for about 10 minutes. Seems easy right? Guest again. I’ll just spares the details and go straight to the point where one thing that I learned that day was that never get too complacent and over excited about your self. Just be calm and stay focus on what you are saying and discussing. Its show how mature you are in handling that situation. Unfortunately for me, things went sour. Maybe out of determination (as that what they told me) and God’s mercy, I was chosen to be part of the company’s employees.

I work there for about 6 months. Things started to go down when I started to show my true color and unfortunately, I didn’t realize it. Being a fresh grad, you wanted to show the best of what you do or in my case the best of my self. Be it as it may, without a proper perspective of what you are doing, the result could be disastrous. I learn that the key to be good at what you are doing, not just to know what you are doing, but why you are doing it? I started to realize at that point of time that the first step in working is to get the right perspective in mind of what you are doing and that what make you different from robots. Robots do things because they have too but people do things because we love to. Ask your self, what about you?

Later on, I joined another consulting company that has been operating for more than 6 years. What differentiate this company and the later was that it focuses on motivational programs for school, university and corporate. It was what I really want. But being as what I am, the same happen again. Don’t I ever learn! But this time, I already did realize it. Unfortunately, it was too late. Though I do learn that it is never too late to change your self as there is still time. It’s all up to you. Your life is your choice, make the best of it. We all are given the same amount of time (24 hours), thus there should be no question of not enough time. The question is how do you capitalize your time wisely?

Now I’m working with another training company and at the same time managing my own consulting company. I’m grateful for my past experience as it had helped me a lot in changing me into what I am today. My rule of thumb in working or business for that matter is to grow up and always think far. I urge spatially the fresh grads to prepare them selves, not just intellectually but also emotionally and mentally before embarking into real working life. Don’t jump into the ocean if you do not know how to swim. Start right, start bright!

Best regards,
10.30 pm


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