Wednesday, 22 December 2010



Hey guys, been a while since I last updated my blog. Anyway, thank you for those who have been following and visiting my blog. Hope you guys learn something. Really appreciated it though. So, have fun while browsing through my blog.

Today, I'm going to share with you guys on one important matter yet many people tend to ignore it or even pretend to know it. Yes, it's maturity. Many employees fail to perform at the entry level because they are not mature enough to handle the working life espatially the fresh grads. They never been exposed to the real working environment and as they jump in(with out proper props), well you know what happen. Many fresh grads think that just by having a degree qualification, than that just it. If you have a car alone does not guarantee that you will be able to drive skilfully. Car is only a tool for driving experience. Same as life, degree is only a tool for you to embark in a real life journey, the real deal for you to equip with all the necessary skills. But to acquire those skills, firstly you have to make you self past the basic requirement which is "Be Mature". But, unfortunately, many have have fails at the first stage. So, here is something that might be of some help to prepare you for the forth coming working experience.

  1. Get a clear perspective in what ever you do.
  2. Build a dynamic thinking pattern- in order words try to think far.
  3. Avoid being over excited with everything you do-exercise patient.
  4. Structure you way up-plan you action.
  5. Seek improvement-don't get too complacent with what you do
  6. Be different.
  7. Seek to learn always.
Be it as it may, everything falls on the person him self. He who decide on his life and future. The choice is yours. Be great or be nothing. Your life is you choice, make the best of it.

Best Regards,
22 December 2010
08.10 pm


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