Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The CEO of CEOs


Hey there, hope you guys a doing well. Today is a very special day for every Muslim in the world. Today we celebrate the new beginning of Hijri Calender(Muslim Calender), The Awal Muharram. I urge all individual Muslims out there, to take this opportunity to start fresh and start with a new vision in mind. Remember, what Stephen R. Covey wrote in his 7 Habits of highly Effective people, "Begins with the end in mind".

Anyway, recently as I was reading this great book wrote by John Maxwell; Leadership Gold, I was really impressed on how the content was displayed, how the ideas were presented in an understandable and practical manner. One of the topic that capture my interest is A Good Leader Must be Able to Define the Reality. The idea in this topic was that being a leader is not just be able to do things, but the first step was to be able to understand why he must do things? This is important because, this will help you to understand the reality, and plan your strategy to face it as it is. Some people tend to ignore the reality, some might pretend as if it does not happen, or some might try to defy the reality, but the best of all is the one that face the reality as it is. For example, art is a reality. Some people just ignore it, some might pretend to like it, or some might even criticize it, but the best of all are those who truly admire and fascinated by it.

In the same chapter also, John Maxwell, did mention about Jack Welch; The CEO of CEO, ideas on the six rules on successful leadership. Those are:
  1. Take control of your destiny or someone else will.
  2. Face reality as it is not as it was or as you want it to be.
  3. Be candid with everyone.
  4. Don't manage, lead.
  5. Change before you have to.
  6. If you do not have the competitive advantage, don't compete.
Anybody can be a leader, few can be extraordinary leader, rare are born as leaders. Being a leader is not all about the position, is all about being who you are. Being the best in what you do is the best leader you can be. Look deep in side your self, and ask, have been a good leader to my self?

Best Regards,
07 December 2010


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