Monday, 13 December 2010

If it not for what I was before, I won’t be what I am today.


Wassup guys!, been a while since my last update, kind of busy with some commitments. Anyway, hope you all are in your best health today.

I could still clearly remember during my time in campus. I was a freshman at that time and was really excited to enroll in this university. Hence, with string spirit and enthusiasm, I was determined to make the best of my time here in this campus. I told my self that I wanted to create unforgettable memories of which when ever I look back in the future, I would have something to be proud of and I sure did.

During my first year, I join a club (AKHI Club) under community service unit where it focuses on mentoring activities for primary school students who are from low income family. I was really excited and thrilled at that time as that was my first time being a mentor. What make thing much more interesting is that, at that point of time, I have no idea what mentoring is all about. How neat huh! Fortunately for me, along the way, I did develop my understanding on mentoring process and it implication. Did you know that, mentoring can reduce drop-out rate in school by 30%? No wonder in America they seriously focusing in this activity.

I was assigned with a mentee. It’s not quiet as what I plan actually. It was the 3rd Mentoring session and the organizing committees are busy assigning mentor with his or her mentee. It turn out that lastly, there was this boy, and unfortunately there was no one available to be his mentor as they are all busy with their mentees. Out courtesy; I think?, I offer my self to be his mentor and he was ok with it. I told him “I guest it’s just you and me now”. He just smiled. We sat under this shady tree. For the next ten minutes, it was a moment of complete silent as both of us do know how to start thing up. We just look stare at each other and smiled and that it. It quiet tough to break the ice as it feels like it was 2 meters thick!. Finally, I did manage to ask him to open up his exercise and ask him to complete the exercise as I guide him along the way. Things went on smoothly and interestingly. Through out that day, I can’t stop but asking my self, if I’m not there, who would actually be that kid mentor? From that day on, I’ve decide to guide my mentee (protégé) to an excellence individual in the future. Up until now, I have mentored more than 6 individuals. So far, they turn out to be the best at what they do and I’m grateful for that. One thing I learn that day was that, being a mentor was a huge responsibility as you are your mentee (protégé) role model and it is you duty to guide him, consult him and most importantly to be there when he need you the most. One question that any mentor should ask him or her self is that, so far what is best thing that I have done for the sake of my mentee (protégé)? I’ve always reminded my self and others that the question is not how much have you get so far? But how much have you contribute so far? Be it in terms of your time, effort and even money.

Through out my 4 years experience in mentoring, the biggest lesson I learned so far was that, mentoring is a bond that build on trust and passion where it becomes the driving force for anyone to contribute and support those who needed the most. Mentoring is closely related to leadership. A good leader is not measure on how much success he accomplished, but how many strong and reliance apprentices (future leaders) he produces? A success of a mentor is similarly measure in how many successful mentee (protégé) he manages to develop? When ever I look back, I never regret the decision that made to be a mentor. If it not for what I was before, I won’t be what I am today.

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13 December 2010

8.40 am


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