Saturday, 22 October 2011

Communication: Shake Their Hands, Touch Their Hearts

     Assalamualaikum..In most of the cultures in the world, handshake is prevalent when people communicate. Ending the talking, people usually shake hands. This practice of shaking is further imported into business. It becomes one of the fundamental communication means in business. In business, businessmen will always shake hand upon dealing with potential clients. From mundane life across the globe to corporate affairs, why handshake is practiced?
     Handshake is vital as it is the moment that we come to the closest contact with other people. It lets us into others’ personal zone by physical contact which is LEGAL! Try having other physical contacts, you’ll have black eyes! As we move into people’s personal zone, it creates an impression that we are seriously into that person and sincere. Handshake also indicates our warmness upon receiving them as our guest. For business wise, it portrays our confident as warm hands show that the person is confident.

     Realizing the impacts of handshake, here are simple yet great handshaking tips. Handshake is an art, therefore, always shake hand WISEly:
  1. Watch your grip: Don’t be too tight or too soft. Be firm and level your hands with other person.
  2. Impress them: Smile and imitate local handshaking variants such as local greetings, bowing (in Japan), etc.
  3. Slow Down: Hold the hands for couple of seconds for better attention and eye contact. They’ll remember your face better then.
  4. Extend: Upon shaking, extend another hand to pat on others' shoulder. It shows harmony. Or, other physical contacts by considering gender and culture appropriateness.
         So, from now on shake hand WISEly. It has greater effects than you can imagine. Shake their hands, you’ll touch their hearts. All the best, guys!

    Hustle up and Be GREAT!
    Salam transformasi daripada,


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