Tuesday, 16 February 2010

'Global Warming'

Assalamualaiku, may you all are in good health and are bleesed by Allah always insyaallah.

Global warming is an issue that are faced by all people on earth. It is an occasion where by the temperature of earth rise up due to hazardous effect of human action. Before this, nobody really pay much attention when we talk about environmental issues, but now people started to open their eyes. They started to realize the importance of taking care of the environment. What can we do to help to reduce this environmental problem, one of the obvious way is for us to recycle, and also to avoid cutting down trees as they plan an important role in maintaining the balance of ecosystem.

If we actually look from different perspective, this phenomena actually contain some wisdom (hikmah) that we could reflect upon. One is, this warming situation most probably to signifies the amount of wrong doing (munkar) that are done by human being. As we can see around us, many munkar are happening daily and keep growing in number. Many social illnesses occurs to the extend that it is uncontrollable. Many actions have been taken and yet the same illnesses still happens. Most probably this is to burn all those falsehood(dosa) of the human being.

Thus, let us all reflect upon our selves, how far have we able to maintain our selves from bad actions and how far have we able to improve our iman and taqwa as it is the only thing that could defend ourselves from all the worldly temptations. May Allah guide us and protect us insyaallah....



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