Sunday, 21 August 2011

Life Is A Battle, And You Don’t Have To Win Every Battle

     Assalamualaikum..We always hear people saying that “Life is a battle”. Yes! Life is a battle. Your life is your battle. As we look back to ancient times, people who went to battle were expected to win all the battle they faced. From Romans to Europe, Americans and even the Egyptian, winning as much battles as they can is the most important thing.
     Nowadays, learning from history, we want to win every single battle in our life. Although the dimension of battle in present days is not the same as in the bygone era, the gist is the same, winning every battle is what we cherish the most. Battles in today’s world are associated with problems and confrontations we face in our daily life. Confrontations come from every dimension of our life, be it our spouses, families, friends, colleagues, and even our bosses. We like to emerge victorious in every confrontation we face. The ultimate end is we win every of these confrontations. And, we feel renown of ourselves.

     But, is that the right way of living a GREAT life? To have a GREAT life, it is not about winning all the battles you are confronted with, but winning the battles that are worth winning. You do not have to win every battle you face in your life; you just have to choose which battles are advantageous to your life. In living our life, we are constantly bombarded with problems. Problems with our relatives, problems with our team mates, problems with our work, problems in our financial like credit cards, bank loans, problems with our cars and many sorts of other problems from every aspect of our lives. Take a moment and try to list all your problems and see how you are feeling after listing them all. Seeing all these problems has already make you exhausted, what’s more winning every single of them. They require much effort. Eventually, you will be devastatingly tired and tension.
     That’s the point. Fight battles that are worth winning only. A well-known general, General Rommel advised “Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning”. There are many battles in our life that not worth winning. We gain nothing in return battling those battles except to fulfill our ego, excessive emotions and obsessions. At the end, we thought we win, but truly, we lost. We lose our love, we lose our friends, and we lose our jobs. Therefore, every time you are confronted with problems, decide whether to battle or not by asking:
  1. Will the battle actually solve something?
  2. Will the outcome be worthwhile?
  3.  Has the battle has anything to do with you?
  4. Have you assess the cause of the battle is really about?
  5. Is it better to just walk away?
     Remember fighting and winning every battle does not necessarily make you strong. You might create further problems fighting them. You might create enemies and hatred among your relatives. You might put yourself in jeopardy physically, financially and in terms of job security, and your personality might be tarnished. To make it worst, you might lose your loved one as the result of your obsessions of winning every battle in a relationship. Choose your battle wisely. You have other priorities that are more important and it is better to focus your energy on them. Only an AMATEUR General fights every battle, the GREAT General chooses his battles. Have a GREAT life!
Hustle up and be GREAT!
Salam transformasi daripada,


edaman said...

nice one..if we never lose then we'll never learn somethings that actually can be learn through losing..

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