Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Rule of Bettering Yourself

     Assalamualaikum..We have not been posting articles for quite sometimes due to time constraint. Therefore, today, WS will share with you guys the rule that you can use to better yourself in every aspect of your life. Does this mean that you are not good now? No! You are GREAT! And, GREATNESS is not about stagnancy, but dynamic. Constant betterment of ourselves will make us GREATER each day.
     The typical attitude of majority of people is that they are easily satisfied with what they are and with what they have now. This is called “Comfort Zone”. Once you have achieved something in your life either academically, financially or other aspects of life, you will indulge that moment and stay at that level for too long. For example, if you have been running a business, and last week your profit skyrocketed as never been before, you will feel satisfy and indulge in that momentous moment until today. You will be too relaxed, thinking of that achievement. But, hey, that is the past. What about your coming days? Do you just want to have that much profit? Or, do you want to constantly having that much of profit every single week of your business? If you are a 100M champion at your university, there more champions yet to be unearthed, making your challenge tougher every second.    

     As we are in our comfort zone, remember that it is just a small success that we have achieved so far, and to survive in this challenging world, it requires more than that. More GREAT people are emerging every second and the survival is turning tougher every single second. So, you have to constantly enhance yourself to make yourself relevance. To make yourself better, use The Plus One Rule. It is a simple rule that will turn your normal life to a GREAT one.
     The Plus One Rule is all about being one step better than your current achievement. If you are a good speaker and admitted by your fellow friends, be one step better than your current moment. Accept your glory and move on enhancing your body contact one step better. Enhance your vocabulary one step better. Enhance your eye contact one step better. Every single part that make you a great speaker, make them one step better.
     If you are a staff, make yourself one step better in every aspect of your work. If you are good in making proposal, enhance your proposal making skill one step ahead. If you have good presentation skill, enhance your presentation in every aspect from the slides, personality and communication one step better than your current level. If you are running a business, aim one step better financially, administratively and better leadership. If you are running a blog, make your blog a step better than your present blog. Make your graphic, content, language, interface, visitors, followers and everything in your blog one step better. Eventually, you will be a GREAT blogger.
     It’s all about aiming to be one step better than your present moment.  By this rule, you are endlessly making yourself GREAT. You are constantly challenging yourself and developing every aspect of life each day. Higher levels and standards will confront your true GREATNESS as more testing difficulties will surface. And ultimately, you will enhance your GREAT potential Step out from your comfort zone and face the challenge. Now, you have learned the trick, make yourself GREATER each day. All the best in being GREAT!

Hustle up and be GREAT!
Salam transformasi daripada,


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