Tuesday, 18 October 2011

7 PowerPoint Deadly Don’ts

     Assalamualaikum..In past, when we talk about presentation, it is always about business presentation. Nowadays, presentations are not only for business means, also in education. Current syllabus of education be it in schools, colleges and universities envelope presentation as part of the marking scheme. There are some portions of marks allotted for presentation. Therefore, teachers and lecturers are deemed to have presentation by students throughout the semester.
     The most popular presentation media is Microsoft PowerPoint. To work out your presentation with PowerPoint, mind these 7 PowerPoint Deadly  Don’ts:
  1. Don’t use illegible/unreadable font and colour combination. (Red on Black, you are so gothics!)
  2. Don’t just write up what you are saying. Put just your main points.  (It’s you who do the talking, not the slides)
  3. Don’t put too much text on the page. 
  4.  Don’t use distracting effects such as fancy animations and transitions. (It’s not about your PowerPoint skills, it’s about your presentation skill!) 
  5.  Don’t talk to the screen. (They can’t hear you, though!) 
  6.  Don’t be totally reliant on your PowerPoint. Have back up plans if technology fails. Eg: Play a game and summarize your points based on that game. 
  7. Don’t forget to bring your pendrive. (I’m serious!)
Mind these Don’ts, and you will have a GREAT presentation. And also, be confident! Wishing you all the best in your GREAT presentation.

Hustle up and Be GREAT!
Salam transformasi daripada,


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