Tuesday, 22 November 2011

GREAT Leadership: Leaders COMMUNICATE The Vision, Not TALK

     Assalamualaikum..Some teams made it seem easy to achive GREATness. Apple, Microsoft, AirAsia and other GREAT organizations. Amidst the tough and rough competition all over the globe, they emerge infamous.  As others fall short, they constantly leap strides forward. Their significant success in the world has put us pondering, what are their secrets? Do they have superhero talent in their team? Or they are only lucky to escape failures?
     The answer is the communicated vision. A GREAT leader carries the responsibility of communicating clearly the vision of the organization. It is the utmost initial and toughest task as you step into leadership. The CEO of General Electric stated that, “Without question, communicating the vision, and the atmosphere around the vision, has been, and is continuing to be, by far, the toughest job we face.”

     Don’t be proud with the number of people you have in your organization. They mean nothing unless they see the vision as you see; they feel the passion of the vision as you feel. Even with thousands of employers and members, you can’t drive your team to GREATness if they cannot see where are you taking them to and why are you taking them with. Make an inter organization survey, and you’ll be surprise by the result that only few out of thousands of your people see the same vision as you see. A simple conclusion you can make, your people are lost!
     That’s their key of success. Every people from every department including minor staffs share the same wisdom their leaders see. The leaders communicate clearly the vision and make sure all his subordinate embrace the same mutual understanding of the vision. Eventually, they know where to head, and what to do to realize the vision. The result? GREATness! Plentiful of talents, resources and opportunities are squanders with no vision intact. They will not go anywhere, and achieve nothing despite their efforts and sacrifices.

     So, leaders, do your job. Don’t just TALK about your vision but COMMUNICATE it. Communicate your vision and wisdom clearly so that your people will always give their best and have them meaningful. Most importantly, with shared vision, GREATness is not impossible for your team. All the best being a GREAT leader,guys!

Hustle up and Be GREAT!
Salam transformasi daripada,


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